How to install your new Diamond Car mats

Installation is very easy and should take approximate 5-10 minutes

Main points:

  1. Remove packaging and place mats in on the floor or in the sun for 1-2 hours so wrinkles can fade away
  2. Remove any previous car mats and clean your car floor
  3. Find the driver mat, with the heel support pad and start installation
  4. Secure the side panels using the clips attached, these slide under the plastic trimmings to secure the mats in place
  5. If any side gaps, try adjusting the mat to cover the floor and desired area
  6. Most rear mats are higher than your seat base, this enables you to tuck the “excess” under the rear seats, giving the mats a factory fit look and protecting the under seat carpet
  7. Use the extra clips and velcro provided to secure any loose sides or  base of mat for best fit

If you have any issues, contact support: Facebook Messenger